Meryl Streep breaking records everywhere.

Meryl Streep = Actual Queen of Selfies

To many things to reblog, likee, retweet … I’m just one fan, I can’t handle all this

Meryl Streep being her fabulous self.

Can I just say…

that Meryl’s latest interview on Ellen has now become probably my all time fav Meryl interview, I mean first, Ellen is my fav person on tv and then you add my fav person on film and it’s just perfection, and just everything about this interview was perfect, like:

1. Meryl in those red pants making her entrance to a Bruno Mars song (another one of my favs) that describes her perfectly and her cute waves to the audience

2. That sweet moment with Mez calling herself ‘old news’ and the wonderful way Ellen responds to that, and when she tells her she is going to find her again and do something with her on Oscars night

3. Ellen talking about how she predicted her win for Iron Lady and then Meryl talking about Emma’s snub

4. Meryl talking about her trip to Africa and actually sharing personal videos!

5. Meryl imitating elephants and the ‘ridiculously cute’ comment and Ellen telling her she could talk to her forever

6. The thing about the Prius and Ellen saying ‘you are beautiful’ <3 

7. The whole epic reading thing, just alksjfjlghladskjsghfkjg

8. And then Vanessa fangirling over Meryl just like we would do

Anyway, I just looooved everything about it, and one of the main reasons I was sooooo happy Meryl got nominated this year was because Ellen is hosting and I wanted to see them both on the show, and thankfully we will!! sorry for all the rambling but this needed its own post. 

PS. Thanks Weinstein for getting Meryl on Ellen’s show so often now after all those years of absence since her first appearance, make it a tradition ;)

Meryl Streep reads a traffic report as a woman in labor (X)


OMG I’ve been praying for this!!!!!!!!

Ellen + Meryl=   *____________*

"The Accents game" - Meryl Streep on The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2005 (x)

"You are gonna win this thing, I mean, there’s no doubt in my mind, you are gonna win this thing"

-Ellen DeGeneres to Meryl Streep about her performance in “The Iron Lady”

THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES 2011/2012 REACTIONS so far… (Streepers edition)

When we heard she was going to be a Kennedy Center Honoree:

And when we actually saw the show:

When she went to London, for “The Iron Lady” Photocall and the whole “Phyllida, just yank it” happened:

When “TIL” premiered in NY and we got to see strummer sharing looks:

When we got the “60 Minutes” interview:

When we saw the first pictures of her “Vogue” issue:

When she won the NYFC Award:

When we saw her on the London premiere of “TIL”:

When she finally got on the Ellen show again:

When she went on Jimmy Kimmel:

When she won the Golden Globe in the drama category after YEARS, and she got bleeped and got celebrities passing her glasses around:

When she got her 17th Oscar nomination:

When she won only her SECOND BAFTA, and the whole Cinderella moment happened:

When she won the Golden Bear at Berlinale and the streepers where there, and she put the little heart in her picture:

When the Oscars day finally arrived:

When she appeared on the red carpet, all gorgeous looking like an statuette herself:

During the show waiting for her category:

When she appeared on stage:

When her category came up and Colin started talking about the nominees:

When he intoduces Meryl and she then leans on Don:

When he was about to announce the winner:

When Colin Firth said: “AN THE OSCAR GOES TO… MERYL STREEP”:

So I guess it’s safe to say it’s been a pretty FANTASTIC time for streepers, may the Queen keep getting the awards and love she deserves FOREVER.


I bloody love Ellen! <3


I don’t wanna talk about anything other than how amazing you are, as a human being number one, and then, as an actress, and in this role, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!… you are gonna win this thing, I mean, there’s no doubt in my mind, you are gonna win this thing… mark my words! —

Ellen Degeneres to Meryl Streep about her performance in “The Iron Lady”

(My sentiments exactly Ellen, EXACTLY!)





“Oh my God, you’re Meryl Streep”

- Melissa McCarthy 

LMAO Reblogging for the accuracy of this, would be my exact reaction too.